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        公司長期注重與國內著名高校及科研單位合作,開發研制的鍋爐節能環保技術已達到國內領先水平,在保持傳統燃煤、油、氣蒸汽鍋爐、熱水鍋爐產品優勢的基礎上,致力于使用特殊燃料鍋爐的設計與研發,開發出的“燃生物藥渣鍋爐”、“化工三廢鍋爐”等產品成為國內成功案例,各種不同結構形式的“生物質鍋爐”廣泛適用于稻殼、花生殼、棉枝殼、木材加工廢棄物等多種生物質料,經過不斷改進和完善, “林宏鍋爐”已成為節能環保、性能可靠、技術成熟、品質優良的產品,受到廣大用戶的好評,取得了顯著的社會效益。產品暢銷全國各地,并遠銷柬埔寨、越南、緬甸等國家和地區。

        Lin Hong Boiler Co.,Ltd. in Changde City-a National designated Class-B Boiler and First & Second-Class Pressure Vessels manufacturer, with Class-2 Boiler Installation and Repair Certificate, and ISO9—1 International Quality Certification. Is a High Technology Enterprise certified by Hunan Provincial Science Committee, and has several patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights.
        The company has for a long term paid strong attention and effort to collaboration with famous domestic universities and scientific research institutes, and boiler energy-saving and environmental protection technology developed by the company has reached advanced level in China. While keeping the competitive advantage in traditional coal fired boiler, oil and gas boiler, steam boiler and hot water boiler, the company has put great effort in design, research and development of alternative fuel boilers, and developed “Biological-Drug-Dreg fired Boiler”, “Chemical Waste Boiler” as the first successful case in China. And “Biomass Boilers”in various structure forms widely use biomass such as rice husk, peanut husk, boll husk, wood processing waste. After continuous improvement and enhancement, “LIN HONG Boilers” have become products with energy saving feature, reliable performance, mature technology and high quality, received high praise from a broad range of customers, and created significant social benefits. The products have been well sold to all over China, and also to other countries such as Myanmar and the Philippines.
        The company staff follows the principle of being sincere and pragmatic in doing everything, blending the style of preciseness and innovativeness with practices. Under a strict quality management system as well as express after- services, we ensure a superior reputation among our customers.
        “Lin Hong”, is willing to start a new chapter of harmony and development with you.